The Best Burp Cloths — Made by Rae (2024)

Warning: Lots of blahdeeblahdeeblah in this post. Anti-readers should go elsewhere. BUT! There's a tutorial at the end of it all if you can make it that far!

The Best Burp Cloths — Made by Rae (1)

When my sewing career started up again post-college with the purchase of a cheap Singer online (which is now completely worthless, a discussion for another time, another post), I began making baby gifts for friends. That seemed to be the time when everyone around me was beginning to procreate. I myself had just begun to date my high school boyfriend for the second-time-around (who later became Mr Rae) and was nowhere near thinking about procreation or marriage at that point. Nevertheless I found baby gifts to be the perfect sewing project as I started to relearn the sewing skills that had been abandoned in my youth. One of the first things I made was a burp cloth for a friend's baby which later received rave reviews both for its attractiveness and functionality. Later when I had my own children I made loads of these and found them to be one of the most useful items those first few months. I reached for them before the birdseye diapers because they were cuter, and before the commercial multipack ones because well those are just plain worthless. I've seen many types of handmade burp cloths, but I like the way these really show off the fabric you choose.

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Last weekend my sister-in-law had a shower for her soon-to-be-expected baby boy, so I put together a stack on the suggestion of my other sister-in-law who had also found them invaluable. Just a couple of hours of sewing and I had a handmade, adorable gift. This is a great beginner project especially if you need to make a baby boy gift which can be harder to come up with at the drop of a hat (and by the way bibs are almost as easy and just as useful too!)

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The front sides of the four burp cloths shown above are made with super-soft single layer gauze that I ordered from Spoonflower (a digital fabric print-on-demand website). One of the things I love about Spoonflower is that you can have your fabric printed on many different kinds of fabric. This particular set of designs is from a limited edition collection designed by Heather Ross exclusively for Spoonflower called Macaroni Love Story which is no longer available, but you can order her current Spoonflower collection here which is equally cute. Otherwise, just look around for a few minutes and you'll be sure to find a design by someone that suits you!

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Now a note about this "gauze." It's actually not called "gauze" by the Spoonflower folks, it's called "voile," and I must freely admit to you that I was downright miffed last winter when it arrived on my doorstep bearing almost no resemblance whatsoever to the material called "voile" that has become popular of late (first by Anna Maria Horner and now by many other fabric designers), meaning I wasn't going to be able to use it for its original intended purpose.In fact I still feel it is a wee bit deceptive to call it "voile" considering the other voiles on the market, although I'm sure it technically qualifies as a voile by weight. If I were running things over at Spoonflower (which, obviously, I am not) I would call this a "single layer gauze" so that is what I am calling it in this post*.Regardless of what you want to call it (and whether or not you think it's worth getting grumpy about, ummmm), it absolutely makes the BEST material for burp clothes. One fat quarter would make two burp clothes, but a full yard would make four (EIGHT! Thanks Susan for that correction. I used to teach, how did that happen?) at a better price. If you ordered a full yard and hemmed it you'd have a perfect summer baby blanket very similar to the other gauzy muslin ones that seem to be popping up all over the place lately. And if the price tag seems high to you, think about this: you are paying for the ability to print a specific design (including your own) on demand. That's been unheard of until very recently.*Please don't get me wrong: I think Spoonflower is great. Stephen and the gang have been nothing but wonderful since the start and my attempts with other fabric-on-demand websites have proven that they really have a good thing going on here. I would love to talk more about designing fabric prints and ordering digital fabric on demand, but again that's another post, for another time.

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Another material that is more readily available that is great for this project is regular quilting cotton. You might think it wouldn't be absorbant enough, but you'd be wrong. It's a little heavier but works just as well, and how many great boy prints are out there right now that would be fantastic here? You can go as crazy as you want, because it's just a burp cloth, right? The back side of this burp cloth is knit jersey, which I usually cut from an old t-shirt. I also use chenille or minky for the back, but if you're not quite ready to sew with knits, flannel or terry cloth would work just fine. I think you'll find though that sewing with knit fabric is really easy for this project.

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cutting knit from t-shirts for this is so easy!just place the top rectangle right over the t-shirt and cut!

While I know that many of you could probably figure out how to put two rectangles of fabric together to make a burp cloth, just in case it helps you to have a picture step-by-step I've put together quick tutorial!

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Voila! Burp cloths! So easy.If you're just joining us, this post is part of the Celebrate the SUMMER Boy series. You can go here to see all of the posts in on place.

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And just in case you've missed what Dana has been up to this week:First up on Monday was this fantastic tutorial on upcycling thrifted men's trunks into kids trunks. Wow, don't these look great?

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And yesterday she talked about fabric selection in a FANTASTIC post about choosing fabric for boys!

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And today? Racer Shorts!!!

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The Best Burp Cloths — Made by Rae (2024)


What's the best fabric for burp cloths? ›

Muslin – This is an eco-friendly material that is soft and gentle on the baby's skin. Ideal for wiping away drool and spit-up. They are quick to dry but not as absorbent as cotton and flannel. Chenille – Another versatile fabric is Chenille.

Is muslin or cotton better for burp cloths? ›

Ultimately, the choice between muslin and cotton burp cloths will depend on personal preference. Muslin burp cloths are lightweight, breathable, soft, and durable. They are gentle on a baby's delicate skin and absorbent, making them ideal for daily use and quick cleanups.

How many burp cloths should you have? ›

If you are wondering, 'how many burp cloths do I need?' It depends on how often your young one spits up, the number of feedings(which are unnumbered as they are still breastfeeding), and how often you want to do the laundry. But anywhere between eight to 14 burp cloths is a good number to have for a single baby.

What is the difference between burp cloth and wash cloth? ›

The answer is simple – A burp cloth is used to catch spit-ups when babies burp. A washcloth is used to dry the little one after a bath. A burp cloth is usually thicker and smaller in size than a washcloth.

What should I look for in a burp cloth? ›

The best materials for baby bibs and burp cloths are naturally sourced fabrics that are soft, absorbent, breathable and machine-washable. Many new parents opt for organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified linens for peace of mind about what comes into contact with their babies' skin. Here's what to know.

How many layers of flannel do I need for a burp cloth? ›

Bring the edge of the 6″ fold over to the line that is 3″ from the edge of the 9″ fold. Press all folds. You now have a folded flannel burp cloth with 4 layers of flannel in the middle 6″. Each 3″ side has two layers of fabric.

What is the best color for burp cloths? ›

Go For A Slightly Darker Color

Next, you want to make sure that you're going for a darker cloth. You will typically get more use out of darker colors as they can camouflage the stains on the baby burp cloths.

Do you really need burp cloths? ›

There's little that's more useful than a burp cloth during the first few months of your baby's life. And when your little one is older; you can find lots of new uses for these treasured baby items. Burp cloths are the only thing that you'll always need on hand to quickly mop away sick and spit-up.

Do burp cloths need batting? ›

Use Batting

She adds, “If you want a more absorbent burp cloth, you can add batting in the middle.” Gardner's tutorial, “How to Sew Easy Burp Cloths,” is a breeze with bright, clear photos to guide you.

What can I use instead of burp cloths? ›

If you're looking for a burp cloth that will last through even the most explosive feedings, look no further than cloth diapers; they're a great alternative to regular burp cloths.

Do you need to wash burp cloths before use? ›

Pre-washing doesn't mean you have to wash and dry every single onesie, burp cloth, and towel before the baby is born. Just make sure to wash baby clothes or linen before you use them. Tip: Pre-wash baby clothes in phases, starting with items marked in sizes newborn through 0-3 months.

Where should you keep burp cloths? ›

The top left drawer can be for burp rags. The middle drawer should be for miscellaneous items such as nail clippers, pacifiers and similar things. The middle left drawer should be for onesies both short and long-sleeved.

What is the most absorbent fabric for bibs? ›

Flannel. Flannel is one of the most popular fabrics for baby bibs because it is a drool buster. It is highly absorbent and soft to touch.

Is microfiber good for burp cloths? ›

Compared to traditional muslin burp cloths, the microfiber coral velvet material we use is not only highly absorbent and breathable, but also dries more quickly.


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