Registration Policies and Procedures | Continuing Education (2024)

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies Policies, Terms, and Conditions

All UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies students are part of the UC San Diego community and are expected to follow University and UC-wide policies. When you register in any course or program offered by or through UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies, you agree to adhere to these policies.

  • Download and review the UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Certificate Registration and Candidacy

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies offers a comprehensive description of each certificate, including a list of required courses and information about how to apply to each program.

Unless otherwise stated, you have 21 consecutive quarters (approximately five years) to complete your certificate requirements. You may take most courses without being enrolled in a certificate program; however, if you intend to work toward a certificate, you should register for the program as soon as possible. You will be held to the certificate requirements in place at the time you pay your certificate fee. If the requirements for your certificate change, you can choose to complete the certificate under the new requirements. Because program requirements are usually updated to accommodate for changing demands in a career field, you generally will not be allowed elect to complete the certificate under requirements that were discontinued prior to your registration in the program. Contact your program representative for more information.

How to Register for Your Certificate Program
You will be registered in the certificate program after you have been accepted into the program and paid your nonrefundable certificate fee.

To apply:

  1. Log in to My Extension. If you don't have a My Extension account, select "Create an Account."
  2. Select your Extension certificate program.
  3. Click "Apply Now."
  4. Complete and submit your application.
  5. Once your application has been approved, log in to My Extension and navigate to "My Applications."
    1. Click "Pay Certificate Fee."
    2. Pay the nonrefundable $95certificate fee.

How to Request Your Certificate
Request a certificate audit after you have completed all of your requirements:

  • To request a certificate audit, log in to My Extension and navigate to:
    • My Courses
    • My Certificate Programs
    • Request Certificate Audit

Your certificate will be awarded and mailed to you after all final grades are posted. Please allow three weeks to receive your certificate. If your certificate is not successfully delivered, you will have 60 days from the date on which it was sent to request a second copy. We will send one complimentary replacement transcript to the same delivery address within the 60 day window.

Lived Name
In compliance with UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name initiative, UC San Diego Extended Studies offers students the ability to list their lived name via their MyExtension student portal. In doing so, onlyyour lived name will be available to non-specializedstaff and instructors. While your lived name will be used for all course material and staff communication, your formal certificate with Extended Studies will display yourlegal name. UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies may also disclose your legal name for consented 3rd party verifications or wherelegal names are required by law, industry standard or legitimate business needs.

How to Order a Replacement Certificate
To replace a lost or damaged certificate, submit the Certificate Replacement Request Form, along with the $25 replacement fee (or $10 for CE certificate replacement):

  • By fax: (858) 246-1031
  • In person or by mail at our University City Center Student Services location

See the Certificate FAQs for more information.

How to Search for Courses

How to Enroll in Courses

You should enroll as soon as possible to ensure you have timely access to course materials. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, while space is available.

You can enroll online in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to My Extension. If you don't have a My Extension account, select "Create an Account."
  2. Navigate to "Browse Course Catalog" to search for courses.
  3. Click “Add to Cart” for the course you want to take and go to “Checkout.”

Or enroll:

  • By phone: (858) 534-3400
  • By fax: (858) 534-8527
  • In person or by mail to either Student Services location using the Class Enrollment Form

You will be able to view your courses in My Extension within 24 business hours after submitting your enrollment.

Dropping Courses

You must submit an official, written request to Student Services to drop a course. Notifying your instructor or not attending is not an official drop. Only written requests submitted directly to Student Services will be processed.

You can drop courses online in a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to My Extension.
  2. Navigate to "My Courses" and select the course you would like to drop.
  3. On the right side under "Tools" select "Drop Course."
  4. In the pop-up window that appears, select "Submit."

Or submit a written drop request:

  • By fax: (858) 534-8527
  • In person at either Student Services location
  • By email:

Please note: You are required to submit a written drop request if the class has not posted toyour MyExtension account. You will receive an email confirmation within one to two business days after your drop request is processed.

Drop deadline: You can drop your course at any time before the final class meeting (by 11:59 p.m. on the day before the scheduled end date for online courses) or before final grades are posted, whichever comes first.

Note: Concurrent enrollment courses are held to UC San Diego's deadlines.
For more information on Concurrent Enrollment policies and deadlines click here.

To avoid a negative impact on your academic record, you must drop the course before the official drop deadline. If you enroll in a course but do not attend, you will need to drop the course prior to the final class meeting. Our instructors do not have the authority to drop students who do not attend their courses.

You may file a petition for an exception to the drop policy if you are unable to continue enrollment for one of the following reasons:

  • Sudden serious personal illness, injury or hospitalization
  • The sudden serious illness, injury, hospitalization or death of a close member of your family
  • Compulsory military service
  • A documented administrative error that affected your enrollment
  • Extreme and unusual circ*mstances which were beyond your control

Refund deadline: Refund deadlines are unique to each course, please reference the course page before enrolling. If you drop a course after the refund deadline, even if you enrolled after that date, you will not receive a refund.

*Please note: Same day enrollments can be cancelled upon written request. To cancel your course/transaction on the same day, please email

See the Refund Policy for more information.

Transferring Courses

If you would like to transfer from one course to another, you must submit a request in writing. Because a transfer is considered a drop/add, you must submit the request before the published refund deadline of the course you are currently enrolled in. There are three easy ways for you to submit a written request:

  • By email to, Attn: Transfer Request
  • In person at either Student Services Location
  • By fax to (858) 534-8527, attn: Transfer Request

Your transfer request must include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your student ID number (found on the homepage of your My Extension account)
  3. The section ID number and title of the course you would like to drop
  4. The section ID number and title of the course you would like to add
  5. The best phone number and email address to reach you

If the transfer results in a balance due, we will contact you for payment before processing your request. If the transfer results in a credit to your account, you will be refunded that amount per the Refund Policy.

Canceled, Waitlisted and Closed Courses

Course statuses are not always updated in real time on our website. We reserve the right to reschedule or combine courses and to change instructors, if necessary. To verify the status of a course before you enroll, please call (858) 534-3400.

Canceled: We reserve the right to either cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements before they begin, or discontinue those courses after the first meeting. If a course is canceled for any reason, enrolled students will receive an email notification and a refund of any tuition fees. We recommend registering early to ensure that the course you want to take is not canceled due to low enrollment.

Waitlisted: If a course fills up before your enrollment is finalized, we will email you to let you know you’ve been placed on a waitlist. If a course is waitlisted before you attempt to enroll, call Student Services at (858) 534-3400 to be placed on the waitlist.

If a space becomes available in the course, you will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to enroll. You will be responsible for paying full course fees at that time. If you do not enroll by the deadline, your name will be removed from the waitlist and the space will be offered to the next person.

If a space does not become available, you will not be notified.

Closed: A course may be closed if it is no longer accepting new enrollments.

Course Repeat Policy

You may complete and earn credit for the same course through UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies as many times as you wish. When a course is repeated, both completions are counted toward your earned hours and grade point average. However, for most courses, only one completion can be counted toward the certificate requirements.

Sampling and Auditing Courses

We do not allow visitors to audit courses at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies. However, for in-class courses with five or more meetings, you can sample the first class meeting for free, unless the course is already filled. If the course description states “no visitors permitted” or “pre-enrollment required,” you must be officially enrolled prior to attending a class.

Sampling the first meeting of a course does not guarantee space will be available should you decide to enroll.

Enrollment for Middle and High School Students

If you are a current middle or high school student and are interested in taking courses at UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies, you will need to obtain written approval from your school principal or counselor. The approval must state that you have the academic readiness and maturity to do well in a college-level course.

The approval must be signed and printed on school letterhead, and must be included with your registration. If you are homeschooled, your approval needs to be signed by your contact in your local school district. We are unable to accept letters signed by your parent/guardian, even if your parent/guardian is your teacher and/or school administrator.

If you have taken community college courses, an official transcript from that college verifying coursework will be accepted in lieu of a letter from your high school or district. Your transcript must reflect a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

Submit your approval letter:

  • By fax: (858) 534-8527
  • By email:
  • In person or by mail to either Student Services location

If you would like your parent/guardian to have access to view and/or update your records, you will need to complete and sign a FERPA Release form.

English Language Proficiency

English-language proficiency is essential to success in UCSD Diego Division of Extended Studies courses. Many Extension courses require an advanced level of English-language proficiency as demonstrated by one of the following:

  • A minimum paper-based TOEFL score of 550
  • A minimum TOEFL iBT (internet-based) score of 80
  • A minimum TOEIC score of 760
  • A minimum IELTS score of 6.5
  • A "Pass" on the Cambridge Proficiency Exam

If you are not eligible to take regular UCSD Diego Division of Extended Studies courses because you do not satisfy the English language proficiency requirement, you may enroll as a full-time student at UCSD Division of Extended Studies' English Language Institute (ELI). For more information about UCSD Division of Extended Studies' English language programs, visit their website or call (858) 534-6784.

Enrollment/Non-Enrollment Verification

You are considered officially enrolled when you have paid course fees in full. An enrollment verification will be available under "My Documents" in My Extension within 48 hours after enrolling. An enrollment verification letter will only be provided for current or future courses.

To request an Enrollment/Non-Enrollment Verification letter:
Submit the Verification of Enrollment/Non-Enrollment Request Form, along with full payment:

  • By fax: (858) 534-8527
  • In person or by mail to either Student Services location

Standard verification fee: $10 per copy. Standard orders are processed and mailed within seven business days after receipt of your request form and payment.

Rush processing: $20 per copy in addition to all other fees. Rush orders are processed within one business day after the receipt of your request form and payment. Rush orders are mailed via standard USPS mail delivery.

Email delivery: Available at no additional charge.

Faxed delivery: Domestic Number: $5 per copy in addition to all other fees. International number: $10 per copy in addition to all other fees.

Federal Express Shipping: $15 per address in addition to all other fees.
FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box or military mailbox. Please provide a street address for FedEx delivery.

Registration Policies and Procedures | Continuing Education (2024)


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