Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (2024)

Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (1)

Menards Rebates – Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week: Master List

If you love home improvement, then you’ve probably heard of Menards Rebates. When they have another 11% sale, that means if you purchased the week before you can get a price adjustment. When there’s an 11% sale two weeks in a row (or more), then the week before the sale started is eligible for the price adjustment! When is the next Menards 11% sale? Check the current list! So, what’s Menard’s Secret 11% Rebate? It’s the Menards Price Adjustment! If you live in the Midwest, you’ve probably heard of Menard’s and you know their rebate schedule. That’s because Menard’s is a home improvement warehouse, similar to Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement. There are tons of stores in the Midwest! Want to know when Menards plans to have its next 11% sale?

Menard’s Secret Rebates

2024 Current Menard’s Price Adjustment 11% Rebate Forms

  • Here’s the February 2024 Menard’s Rebate and Price Adjustments. Once again, we correctly predicted when the 11% sale would be back, and thus – when the price adjustment would cover.
  • Menard’s 15% off Bag Sale – Save 15% off items that fit inside their special bag. Learn more and find out when we predict the sale will be!

2023 Current Menard’s Price Adjustment 11% Rebate Forms

  • Menards 12% rebate when they won the NASCAR cup championship means there’s a price-adjustment rebate for the two weeks before! Check it out, Nov/Dec 2023 Menards rebate.
    Here’s the 2023 Menard’s Rebate and Price Adjustments. We did it again! We correctly predicted when the 11% sale would be back, and thus – when the price adjustment would cover.
  • Menard’s 15% off Bag Sale – Save 15% off items that fit inside their special bag, from January 1-14, 2023.


  • Here’s where you can find the 2022 Menard’s Rebate price adjustment rebate forms.


  • Here’s where you can find the 2021 Price Adjustment Menard’s rebate forms.


  • Find the 2020 Forms for Menard’s Rebate price adjustment forms.


  • See the 2019 Menard’s 11% Rebate price adjustment forms.

2018 and older

  • See 2018 Menards price adjustment forms here.

Not the Rebate Week! SECRET 11% Menard’s Price Adjustment Rebates

  • NOTE: The picture above shows the current rebate form, rebate number will change each time there’s a new rebate and will be different than the one pictured
  • Purchases made the week before an 11% rebate sale are eligible for the price adjustment
  • Excludes sale-priced items
  • Form for the 11% price adjustment rebate is NOT available online. You can pick up in-store at the rebate center by where you check out
  • Multiple receipts may accompany one rebate certificate
  • Since rebate receipts were not generated, you need to send your full regular receipt with this rebate
  • Don’t have your receipt? Just swipe your Menard’s BIG card at the kiosk near the service counter by front door and print new receipts!

Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (2)

11% Price Adjustment FYI

You can get current 11% Rebate forms (not price adjustment forms) at the Menard’s Rebate center online.

To submit any Menard’s mail-in rebate, send any/all receipts from purchases made during the time frame noted on the form by the due date. In other words, your rebate will come via postal mail in the form of a postcard to the address you provide. As a result, these rebate checks can be spent at Menard’s stores like cash.

Menards Rebates are great, because even if you’re late mailing them they still honor it. I’ve mailed some up to 3 months after the date and still got the Menards rebate merchandise check back in the mail! When Menards first came up with their rebate, it was the smartest business move. Because, it’s fun to save Big Money at Menards!

Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (3)

Menards Rebates

Certainly, Menard’s has great sales and rebate deals. As a result, you can often get several things each week – for free after mail-in rebate. Because Menard’s weekly sales run from Sunday through Saturday, you’ll need to grab the form in store during the rebate week or they’re not available. They also have department sales that may span longer time periods.

Either way, you can grab the forms here! Certainly we appreciate those fans who take the time to scan in the form and send them to us. Their slogan is, “Save Big Money at Menard’s!” Occasionally, Menard’s has their infamous 11% rebate. During an 11% rebate sale, everything in the store is eligible for an 11% mail-in rebate. That can add up to some great savings! Of course, you can also save 2% by using the Menard’s Big Card – their credit card. So, be sure to pick one up!

But what you may not know… Menards Price Adjustment

If you’ve heard of Menards 11% rebate sale, then you may not have heard of Menard’s Secret 11% Rebate!! The week BEFORE the 11% rebate week, they offer an 11% Menard’s Price Adjustment Rebate. Therefore, you can save even more! This secret price adjustment covers purchases made the week before the 11% rebate week. So, if you shopped the week before an 11% Rebate sale, you can still get 11% cash back via mail-in rebate!!

To get the 11% Price Adjustment Rebate, simply go to the rebate counter in any Menard’s store and ask them for an 11% Price Adjustment Rebate form. This is different than the 11% rebate form! This form is available ONLY during an 11% rebate sale week. Unlike the 11% Rebate form, the 11% Price Adjustment Rebate form is not available online, and must be picked up in store. And you must get it during the rebate week!

Menard’s 11% Rebate

So, this is the standard 11% Rebate that everyone knows about. However, unlike the Secret 11% Rebate Price Adjustment, this money-saving offer is highly advertised. If you need a form, then grab one at Menard’s Rebate center onlineor in store.

In other words, mail all rebate certificates and ORIGINAL rebate receipt(s) to:

Save 11%
PO BOX: 155
Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

Three simple steps to receive your rebate:

  1. Fill out your name and address on the rebate certificate
  2. Enclose only the original, dated Menards “Rebate Receipt(s)” and completed certificate in an envelope. (note: this is the REBATE receipt at the bottom of your receipt)
  3. Mail the envelope to the address above
  4. TIP: take a copy (or snap a picture) of your rebate paperwork for your records

*Rebate is in form of merchandise credit check. Excludes gift cards, propane purchases, delivery and handling charges, all rental items, minute key purchases, processing fees, packaging charges and extended service agreements. Limited to stock on hand. No rain checks. First come, first served. Future sale price adjustments, exchanges and merchandise returns will void the 11% rebate on the items adjusted, exchanged and/or returned. Rebate is valid on special ordered products but does not extend to the special ordering of any normally stocked items. Not good with any other coupons or offers except Menards coupons, Menards rebates and manufacturers’ coupons. Multiple receipts may accompany one rebate certificate. Menards reserves the right to limit purchases of any and all items to reasonable job lot quantities.

Rebate must be postmarked by date shown on form.

Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (4)

Please note:

  • A copied receipt will not be accepted.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for processing.
  • Rebates are limited to stock on hand, no rainchecks.
  • One certificate can be used for multiple receipts.
  • Arrangements must be made for immediate pick up or delivery.
  • Check the status of your rebate at
  • Please print clearly, we are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail due to lack of print clarity.

WARNING: Fraudulent submissions can result in federal prosecution for mail fraud under the 18 USC Sections 1341 & 1342. Menards reserves the right to deny rebate claims. Void where prohibited. No need to fold, staple, tape, or paperclip, which only delays processing. Contents do not leave envelope until entered for payment.

Finally, if you have a price adjustment form to share, please let us know on our Facebook page. Because, we can all help each other save big money!

Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (5)

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Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week (2024)


Menards Rebates Secret 11% Price Adjustment Before Rebate Week? ›

Do you make sale price adjustments for 11% sales? We are happy to honor 11% sale price adjustments as long as your purchase meets the following rules: The merchandise was purchased within 14 days prior to the start of the sale. Sale priced items not offered during the 11% Sale are excluded.

Does Menards still have 11% cash back? ›

Menards has a special event called the “11% Rebate Sale” that happens about once a month. During this sale, if you buy certain things, you can get 11% of your money back. We will update the dates for rebate dates in 2024; you can check them here. For example, the latest sale goes from October 18 to October 29, 2023.

How long does it take to get the 11% rebate back from Menards? ›

Rebates International® works diligently to send out your rebate check as quickly as possible. We do ask that you allow six to eight weeks for processing of your rebates. Once your rebate forms have been entered and are in process, you will be able to track the status of your rebate.

Will Menards honor expired rebate receipts? ›

Will Menards honor an expired rebate? Save big money at Menards thanks to their low prices and rebates. While you can only use the rebates on items at Menards, those rebates never expire, and you can use them to stack on top of other rebates.

Can you put more than one receipt in a Menards rebate? ›

Multiple rebate receipts going to the above PO Box, for the same person/address, can be combined in the same envelope with one completed certificate. Allow 6-8 weeks from mail-in for processing.

What are the rules for Menards 11% rebate? ›

Only the original Sales Receipt showing purchase of qualified items will be honored. Original sales receipts that have been altered in any way will not be honored. Future sale price adjustments, exchanges, and merchandise returns will void the 11% rebate on items adjusted, exchanged, and/or returned.

Is Menards owned by Walmart? ›

Menards is owned by founder John Menard Jr. through his privately held company, Menard, Inc.

What happens to my Menards rebate if I return an item? ›

Returned merchandise that was purchased while on rebate must have the original rebate receipt. Without the rebate receipt, the value of the rebate will be deducted from the return amount.

What if I lost my Menards rebate receipt? ›

A receipt showing proof of purchase is required to process all rebate submissions. Contact a local Menards store or visit "Receipt Lookup" to obtain a receipt/transaction copy. Mail in the copy of the receipt, rebate form, and a note stating the receipt was lost and we will review the transaction.

Can you use someone else's Menards rebate? ›

What is a Menards rebate check and can someone else use it? A Menards rebate check is a form of refund that can be used towards future purchases at Menards stores. Yes, someone else can use your Menards rebate check as long as they have the physical check in hand.

Can Menards pull up old receipts? ›

How do I look up a receipt at a Menards® store? You can look up and print a receipt of any purchase made with a credit or debit card or a check at the kiosk located near the service desk of any Menards® store.

Can I use my Menards rebate for online purchases? ›

Not valid for purchases on MENARDS.COM®.

Can I print off a Menards rebate form? ›

Menards rebate form printable is an official document that can be printed out from the Menards website.

How to get tax exempt at Menards? ›

How can I purchase tax exempt at a Menards® store? To purchase tax exempt at a Menards® store, you will need to show the cashier your Tax Exemption Barcode at checkout. You will receive your barcode in an email when you complete the Tax Exempt application.

Does Menards not do rebates anymore? ›

Each time you use your Menards BIG Card to purchase household items not only do you receive a 2% rebate, you will get Additional Rebates on select products.

Can you cash Menards rebate checks? ›

It's a merchandise credit check similar to a gift card but it's a piece of paper with a barcode and your rebate amount listed. Can only be used at Menards. Nowhere else. And no, it's not redeemable for cash or refund.

Does Menards have cash back? ›

The more you shop, the more you earn! Earn a 2% rebate on all Menards® purchases for savings on future purchases. Rebates are issued as Menards® merchandise certificates. 2% rebates are not earned on items purchased using promotional financing.

Does Lowes offer 11 rebate like Menards? ›

Get these Discounts. Did you know that you can get an 11% rebate on your purchases from Lowes, Home Depot and Menards? Check out the Links below to submit your sales slips for your monthly rebates.

What store has a high cash back limit? ›

The store that gives the most cash back at the register is Albertson's, where you can take out $100-$300 when you make a purchase with your debit card. The amount of cash back you can get varies by location.

Does Menards have a rewards program? ›

Rewards come in the form of rebates

The Menards card earns rewards that are issued in the form of rebates, which can be used toward future Menards purchases.


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