Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (2024)

Bestselling cookbook of Croatian dessertsin English

Croatian Desserts is the first cookbook of Croatian sweets in English and with imperial measurements. The recipes are super easy to follow, and the ingredients are expressed in grams and cups. But this is not just a cookbook.

Get it and be ready for the following:

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (1)

  • It connects you with the Croatian culture through rich culinary storytelling
  • With the clear step-by-step method, it encourages you to take up baking even if you’ve never tried it before
  • It makes you want to visit Croatia. And when you do, it will be the perfect souvenir for cherishing your memories.

It never tastes like the one your Mom used to make…

We say in Croatia that ‘love travels through the tummy’. I am sure that sweets know that route the best. There is nothing more lovable than a cake baked by Mom, Gran, Wife, Sister… That’s why whatever comes from their cookbook and from their oven tastes the best in the world.

But what if you’ve never written down the recipes?

Believe me, even if you find the same dessert in a Croatian restaurants, it will never taste the same. Because you probably know that the best Croatian food is prepared at home.

Now you have the Croatian Desserts Cookbook.

I’ve gone to great lengths to find the most authentic versions of the traditional Croatian sweets. I tested and perfected them in my own kitchen. Now it’s your turn to recreate those flavors and rekindle your passion for Croatia.

Online recipes are sloppy and confusing...

Sometimes we fall in love with a dish on our travels. We come home and search for a recipe so we can keep enjoying those tastes.

I bet you’ve been initiated into the sumptuous Croatian sweets on your travels.

If you look for an online recipe to recreate one of our cakes at home, you’ll first get a barrage of confusing dessert names. Translation will be sloppy, method sketchy, and amounts of ingredients will drive you nuts.

C’mon, how many times did you struggle with converting grams into cups?

This Cookbook solves the problem. It is precise and detailed with ingredients measured in both grams and cups. It features desserts from entire Croatia, introducing each one with an engaging culinary back story.

You will get the recipes you can’t find anywhere else: authentic, tested, easy-to-follow and illustrated with over 500 color images.

Now, out with the bitterness and in with the sweetness!

Croatian Desserts cookbook
ticks all the sweet boxes


Light but luxurious: the cookbook is a hybrid hardback, with slightly softer covers but nice wide flaps. It boasts 50 recipes, 500 color images and 224 glossy pages.

Precise and detailed,ingredients come both in grams and cups, and the step-by-step method is illustrated with at least a dozen images per each recipe.


Authentic and timeless:these 50 Croatian desserts are for all occasions and will appeal to bakers of all skill levels.


Engaging culinary storyintroduces each dessert. Lots of historical, ethnographic as well as personal details keep you hooked and lead you to the only next logical step: to bake youself.

What you get inside the Croatian Desserts Cookbook

Get in touch here if you want to order in bulk or more than 10 copies.

Join other happy bakers...

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (2)

Many of the sweets transported me to my own childhood...

Andrea’s incredible baking skills are hard to match, but her choice of words, as delicious as the recipes themselves, and smart tips (“we eat them with hands”, “your biceps will burn like crazy”) will inspire even the most timid of bakers to awaken their sweet tooth and bring home the delightful flavors of authentic Croatian tradition.

IRENA STANIC RASIN // Author and translator

Andrea's recipes are authentic yet approachable...

I was instantly transported back to my Polish grandmother’s kitchen, where baking marathons meant holidays and love. It is a beautifully written (and photographed) ode to the women in our lives and to classic Croatian desserts that have stood the test of time.

SARAH B. HODGE // Food and travel writer

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (4)

A book full of treats that will take you back home every time...

This book took me back 'home' in a way I had not expected. My heart leaped when I realized that what I had been eating in this unknown land was Croatian food all along. All of these sweets I had eaten a thousand times, I just didn't know their names. I didn't even know they were Croatian as such - just my granny's home cooking.

PAULA VILLASECA // Anthropologist

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (5)

Cookbook with a sense of pure exuberance...

Andrea’s Croatian Desserts carry a sense of pure exuberance: from the joy of preparation, the delight of tasting, all the way to rekindling the happy memories when her Granny or Mum would sweeten Sunday gatherings with a dessert. A special treat is granted to those who read recipes’ intros, where Andrea locates each dessert in historical and personal space and time.

JASNA ČAPO // Author and anthropologist

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (6)

Sumptuous in the way it looks and tastes...

Whether you live in Croatia or just have it on your bucket list, Andrea's book brings the tastes of Croatia to wherever you are. There's a great variety of recipes here, from a Sweet Cheese Strudel to a Chestnut Parfait, and a thoughtful page design that ensures the ingredients are always on display. Excellent photography makes it as sumptuous to look at as the desserts are to eat.

CHRIS BACKE // Travel writer

Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (7)

We want to bake these desserts...

Not only is Andrea Pisac a Croatia expert, but she is also a wonderful baker. We are thrilled to read her beautiful cookbook with so many authentic recipes, and we can't wait to return to Europe so that we can bake them ourselves.

DARYL & MINDI HIRSCH // Co-editors of 2FoodTrippers

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Croatian desserts recipes: 50 authentic sweets to make at home (2024)


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