CableVision Equipment Return - How To Avoid Additional Fees (2024)

The cancellation and return process of CableVision Company is easy and direct. In this article, we will get to see how to return CableVision equipment in a clearer manner. At the end of this article you will be able to know how and where to send back your device.

Cable Vision is an international company that provides high-speed internet, telephone services and cable TV services. They offer subscribers with unmatched user experience worldwide. This includes the best home entertainment programs in the industry. They have one of the highest quality state of the art programming and technology services in competition with big companies like OSN, FOX, MBC Group, Turner, and BFM. You can rent cable boxes, modems, and remote controls from the company and return them to a service centre when you want to cancel the services.

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Reason for Returning Your CableVision Equipment

There are many reasons why you may want to send back your device to CableVision Company. This may be due to defective equipment or you may want to upgrade the service. This all depends on the company’s terms and conditions for returning a product. These reasons are as below:

  1. Cancellation of subscription or services
  2. Upgrade of service or defective equipment
  3. Repair of CableVision Equipment

Cancellation of your Cablevision subscription

You may cancel your services for any or no reason at any time. This includes without limitation or during any term commitment to which you have agreed but you have to give the company notice. In the event of your cancellation, you may be subject to certain prices, fees or charges. Any cancellation will be effective no sooner than the date that CableVision actually receives notice that has been provided in accordance to the agreement.

Upgrade of service / defective equipment

In some cases you may need to get the device changed when you opt to have a change in service quality. You must notify the company of any defects or damage.

Scenario 1 – from SD PVR to HD content

Just like in DIRECTV and DISH, if you move form SD to HD, you will return the SD receiver and attain the decoding required for your HD satellite resolution.

Scenario 2 – from HD to 4K ULTRA HD content

Similar to DIRECTV and DISH, if you move from HD to 4K ULTRA resolution, then you will return the HD receiver back to the lessor as per the agreement or contract.

Defective CableVision Equipment

In some case you may need a repair of equipment. CableVision will repair and or replace defective equipment. If any, as long as such damage was not caused by misuse or other improper operations or handling. CableVision is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of subscriber provided device including but not limited to, television sets, or other video equipment, computers, modem, or any other related subscriber related equipment.

What equipment you need to return

These are primarily reception equipments such as cables, wires, cable boxes, access cards, remotes, cable cards, battery backup, units, modems and routers applicable smart cards, satellite antennae, controller cable and TV box. All equipments are to be returned in a good condition.

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Steps to returning CableVision equipment

Cable Vision network as a company sends a shipping box with all the needed packing materials to customers who are replacing or returning equipments. The box contains a prepaid return shipping label, so there is no charge for returning the equipment. There are several ways you can return your CableVision equipment when you are finished with the service, but it must be in good working condition, with no serious defects, or you will be charged by the company.

Finding out the nearest Optimum store location

Find out where your nearest optimum store is located. They will accept your CableVison equipment, which includes cable receivers, remote controls and modems. Go to the location, find a customer service representative and tell them you want to stop your service and bring back your equipment. They will close your account after you pay your past-due funds and return the equipment for refurbishing.

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Contact the Company

Mail your equipment to the company if you cannot physically visit one of the offices. Box your equipment and secure it with packing materials. Send it to CableVison Converter and Modem Return Center 80 Grumman Road Bethpage, NY 11714.

Get help from a Technician

Call Cablevision and request to have a technician pick up your equipment at the same time you stop your cable service. The company will give you a day and time when a technician can come to your house and retrieve the CableVision equipment. Note that you must be home when the technician arrives because you will have to sign papers that state you gave up the equipment.

Alternatively, there are 4 steps in returning your Cablevision Equipment or device

Prepare your shipment

  1. Disconnect the equipment you wish to return and carefully place it, including all remotes and power cards, in a box of your choosing. Make a copy of your CableVison equipment bill, or simply write your mane, street address, city, state, zip code and account number on a piece of paper and place it in the box.
  2. Create and print a label
  3. You will be a given a link that you can enter your information. On the confirmation page from the link, click the box at the bottom to print your prepaid return label.
  4. Attach the label.
  5. Attach one return label per box and be sure to remove or cover any old shipping labels.
  6. Drop off the box
  7. Securely seal the box and bring to any authorized shipping location like FedEx or any other. Do not use a FedEx drop box but remember to ask for a receipt for your shipment as proof of mailing.

Consequences of not returning the equipment

All equipment must be returned in good operating condition. This is within the time frame under the contract or agreement. Non- returning of equipment can lead to a fine and other additional bills such as extra charges on your credit card for the amount of the equipment.

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Also, failure to pay charges billed (including checks returned for insufficient funds) may result in discontinuance of service, the removal of all Cablevision equipment. If you are using any Cablevision equipment it is always advisable to send back the equipment in order to avoid future problems.

It is good to note that the company may want to take back the equipment. This may be due to several factors such as age or defect associated with it with respect to the stated contract.

What Happens After You Return The Device?

Following the cancellation or disconnection of your service, CableVision will charge you a box return fee for each such return label and an empty box. The company will also check for any damaged device including any cables, wires, cable boxes, access cards, remotes, cable cards, battery backup, units, modems and routers.

If the device is undamaged you are not responsible for paying any prices, fees or charges according to your applicable contract, terms and conditions or agreement. It is advisable to remember the set timeline as well and make a cancellation request before the end of the set date.

Where to return Cablevision equipment near me

Just like close competitive companies like DIRECTV and DISH, Cablevision has authorized FedEx stores in taking or shipping their products. The two companies will provide the right facilities for you. The following data is useful while returning any Cablevision device:

Cablevision FedEx: they have a webpage meant for cable TV companies. Just take the equipment to them and they will take care of the rest. The Cablevision FedEx return equipment is accessible in their website.

How to track Cablevision equipment returns

As mentioned earlier following the 4 steps it is easy to locate or truck any Cablevision equipment or you can use the tracking receipt for tracking the sent shipment. Cablevision Company has courier stations that help in tracking equipment. Use authorized dealers like FedEx. They will give the company a notification for the progress of the shipment. For further confirmation, you can visit their website. Also, you can contact the CableVision Company via their direct contacts to confirm the receipt of the equipment.


The process of CableVision equipment return just needs your patience. It is a matter of following the various steps and procedures as per the contract or agreement. The steps are straight forward and direct. This article has answered all your questions with regards to how Cablevision equipment is returned. If you need additional information, you can reach Cablevision by either emailing or calling their customer care representatives or also feel free to use their social media handles to talk to them.

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CableVision Equipment Return - How To Avoid Additional Fees (2024)


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